“Listen to Worship – By the Spirit of God” With

Psalmist Erin Campbell

As a willing vessel, being used by the Holy Spirit, Erin taps into the realm of the spirit that few have come to know – a place where the prophetic is known.
Singing in the Spirit as well as with her understanding through the Lord's anointing as well as His presence upon this ministry, those who have an ear to hear and will enter into this realm of worship, will receive Healing, Deliverance and Wholeness of their Spirit, Soul and Body. The fullness of salvation also can be activated in the lives of those who want to become one with the Lord in the last days.
Manifesting the Lord’s glory, not by particular songs, but just flowing with the Spirit of God, Erin is being used mightily through this project to bring people back into intimacy and communion with the Savior, Lord and God, JESUS CHRIST.




'The Prophetic Psalmist Ministry Of Erin Campbell'
For: "ministry and missions work" - send $10.00 for the CD that
has healed so many, through the Anointing and Presence of Jesus!
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Erin Campbell - 4671 Panay Dr., Akron, Ohio 44319

A Comment from Pastor Denis Lynch, of Agape who was healed
of Diabetes from listening to this CD in the churches sanctuary:
"Agape Christian Radio www.digiagape.com - fully recommends
this album. People are getting healed by simply listening to it."
Experience it for yourself in your "secret place" of prayer,
intercession, and worship with the Holy Spirit -
DOWNLOADS AT: iTunes - CD Baby.com, Go to: Erin Campbell