Dr. J. W. (Jack) Campbell made a decision one night that enough was enough,of the 'Street Life', the shootings and the overdoses; and he gave his life to the Lord one Sunday morning at 7:00 A.M., on April 24, 1974.
Since 1978, he has been a pastor over three churches and an administrator over several others in the first 28 of his 36 years of ministry.
 Jack also back in the early 1980's was a Satellite Coordinator for Kenneth Copeland Ministries over Northern Ohio and then a couple of years later, he took over Washington D.C., when Kenneth

broadcast the “Satellite World Communion Service” from 80 locations in the U.S., into Israel and also from Dr, Cho's church in Soul Korea. As of 2005, Jack and his wife Erin have left the pastorate and through their own
ministry, Mountain Moving Faith International in Akron, Ohio, have traveled throughout much of the United States teaching and holding seminars in many church denominations (Foursquare, Assemblies of God,
non-denominational, etc.); and they continues to schedule missionary trips to other countries, reaching people for Christ. 
Dr. Jack  Campbell received his earned 'Doctor of Ministry Degree' on April 26, 2012, from the accredited "Friends International Christian University" (FICU) in California, through Drs. Melinda and Kevin Thomas (President and Provost of the University).

Dr. Campbell and Erin, a Psalmist, Bible Teacher and his
beautiful wife and best friend, have been married now for 37 years, and have four adult children; Jeremie, Harmony, Melody and Jamie. As well as Melody's new husband and our son-in-law, Michael and our daughter-law, Mohini from Mumbai,
India. They also have two wonderful grandchildren named Lincoln, who is
three years old and Averie who is four.


(Producing After His Kind)

By Dr. J.W. Campbell

Dr. Melinda Michaelson Thomas - President
of Friends International Christian University states:
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Dr. Chris Longgrear - Parkersburg, West Virginia - Mar. 13, 201

From childhood and 'producing after your kind', to
becoming a New Creation in Christ - and living the reality
of becoming "As He Is" and 'Producing After His Kind'.
A Sign, Wonder, and Miracle Worker of The Most High God.
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