Dr. Jack & Erin Campbell

Jack and Erin have had quite a few years of experience in the pastorate ranging in size from 50 to 650 people in their former congregations; and also have had years of traveling, preaching the gospel and healing the sick for our Lord Jesus Christ. Jack's Doctorate of Ministry Degree is from Friends International Christian University in California, under Doctors Melinda and Kevin Thomas (President and Provost). Some other Alumni whom have received their Doctorate Degrees from Friends are also: Dr. Fredrick K. C. Price, Dr. Bill Winston, Bishop T. D. Jakes.

Erin is also a Psalmist and Bible Teacher and has been for many years and has just put out a new CD titled, “Worship by the Holy Spirit”. Erin who is the CEO of Mountain Moving Faith International,  is very passionate about the work for Jesus Christ and helping to build His Kingdom and the image of God into the people, youth, and congregations we visit.

“We are Spirit-Filled individuals according to Acts 2:1-4 and Acts 2:39; and believe in the gifts of the Spirit in I Cor. 12:1-11, and the empowerment of the Spirit, Acts 1:8. The goal we also believe the Lord has for us, is letting the young and the old work together, helping one another become Christ-like; and to be able to reach the community, state, nation and world with the gospel. But, at the same time knowing, and hearing the Lord speak to us, that it's His time for us to begin to make plans on returning back to the pastorate. So we must now wait on Him to show us where the pastorate is that He has, and when He will have the people prepared for us, so we can begin this new work.

We have been on the field traveling for quite a few years now, preaching, teaching, and also recording Erin's Worship CD, plus myself, publishing a new 275 page E-Book titled, “As He Is, So Are We In This World” (Producing After His Kind) from WestBow Press and Thomas Nelson Publishers; and we have come to understand, that we are not just a Church (corporately or individually) on Sunday's and during mid-week, but every minute, every hour and each day of the week. There are lost souls, people with sickly bodies that need healed, minds that need restored and transformed, and we need to see this world the way God sees it to be effective - ready to pray, laying hands on the sick, and letting the love of Christ control us in this last day. We have to start walking just like Jesus walked, and being a blessing to each one He brings across our paths. It doesn't matter where we have come from, we must begin to concentrate on winning souls, meeting the needs of the people, but also know, that God's people need to be well themselves to finish His work that is ahead of us. We should always remember, when we pray for others, He will work through us to set them free – We are His hands, His feet, His voice in the earth in this day and hour, and we are to “GO” and make disciples.

There must be a “selfless standard” the Body of Christ walks by at this time and season in the earth. Being contaminated by the worlds way of doing things has to be taken out of the equation, in order for God's power, fire, and His presence through the Holy Spirit, to be seen by those in need. The gifts of the Spirit operating through you and us and doing the works of Jesus and greater is our mission for Christ Jesus, and will bring together an obedient and holy generation in the earth at this time. The Bible says, one will put a thousand to flight, two will put ten thousand.”

You may contact the Campbell's for meetings in your churches or conferences by e-mail at : drjackanderin@aol.com